Art Director

A person in shabby clothes, absent minded, called a creative leader. Responsible for writing briefs but does it rarely. Hard to communicate in words, rather by pictograms, infographics or a Morse code. Never reads emails.


Bold text

A feature which does magic to text, making it somehow visible to the reader. In typography used to emphasize parts of the sentence or single words. Bold text is commonly used by Brand Managers, who usually want to emphasize everything. 



An idea, thought or an abstract. For a Graphic Designer it is impossible to work without Concept, so in Corporate world it is common to work with temporary concept until the very end of creative process. Then the Concept changes into something completely different and a Graphic Designer have to start from the beginning.


DPI (Dots per Inch)

A measure of resolution, used in relation to bitmap graphics. While for some people the only correct DPI value is 300, others are happy to upload a 1px 1px image which meets the 300 DPI requirement. The truth is that DPI value does not give the image size itself. It has to be combined with cm or inches. Mathematics… 



A European standard code for retail products. The EAN bar code creation is the secret magic of packaging design and it should not be revealed to anyone.



A printing technology used for irregular surfaces like bottles, cans and other packaging. To overcome some difficulties related to this printing process, the bottle design can be very simple, created with only 2 or 3 plain colors. (example – coca-cola can)



Range of colors that can be displayed by certain device. For example, kid’s school crayons gamut is 12 crayons. 



A printing process which uses a metallic foil instead of a color. Hot-stamping is often used in packaging, especially in premium, traditional products. 



A key to success, a catalyst for growth. Innovation is a term related specifically to economics and marketing. It is something like evolution, the process of adapting to new conditions or new markets by adding extra values. 



Have you ever wondered why some photos from your camera are 2000 KB and some, let’s say 3500 KB, even if they are the same size in pixels, and the same camera settings? It is because of JPEG compression. It’s an algorithm which divides the photo into color areas. If a picture has areas in the same color, the file size is smaller.


Key Visual

Graphic element that represents certain campain, brand or product line. It is very important for building relations with customers. Good key visuals are characters or animals (Michelin Man, Milka Cow itp)



Something that really gets on my nerves. I wanted to turn this off, couldn’t find the feature in World’s Leading Graphic Software. Finally I imagined a type-setter master in medieval times of Gutenberg, trying to make a living, sculpting in lead. So to honour his precise work with letter combinations I usually leave it as it is.


Mock up

If products were actors, mock ups would be their doubles.


Non-breaking space

A space type which links the two words to prevent from breaking to another line. It is necessary when there are single letters or acronims in text. The type setting art has evolved since medieval times of Gutenberg, yet, the World’s Leading Graphis Software doesn’t support this issue, sadly.



Ozalid is a registered trademark[1] of a type of paper used for “test prints” in the monochrome classic offset process. The word “Ozalid” is an anagram of “diazol”, the name of the substance that the company “Ozalid” used in the fabrication of this type of paper.



A design program used for working on pixels to improve pictures or to illustrate. In colloquial language Photoshop can be used as a verb: “Your profile looks like photoshopped”. A synonym for a digital hoax.



A process of generating images achieved by computer programs. The term is used in 3D design in relation to realistic scenes or animations. Rendering methods allow to achieve realistic perspective, lightening and other approximation of the real world.


Serif font

Serif font is a type that has small ornaments at the bottom of a letter. Example- Times New Roman. Most books are written with serif font.


Theatralization of a shelf

A word that combines ancient art and modern sales… Its really hard to explain, please see it in my portfolio.



Type of coating used on book covers, flyers, business cards or packaging that makes a surface glossy. It can be applied in selective elements. It is most visible on dark, saturated colors.



Visualization is any technique for creating images to present an object that hasn’t been built yet. In terms of economy, visualization plays a significant role because costs of production are much higher than cost of prototyping.

It sometimes happen, that sales decisions are made on basis of sole visualization. In rapidly changing market visualization can reduce the time from idea to implementation.


Worlds' Leading Graphic Software




A mythological undead corporeal revenant created through the reanimation of a corpse. Or a Graphic Designer working way beyond deadline.